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BLOG REVAMP! I am moving to Arizona and starting a new job as a 5th grade teacher in Phoenix with 65% ELL, 95% Hispanic population, and almost 100% living below the poverty line. I hope all are still interested in hearing my wonderings as I begin my career in my own classroom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pencil sharpening

I have two blister-welts on my hand from manually sharpening 24 pencils. Can anyone say grunt work? But it's a lot of fun. I got to see and work in my 3rd grade classroom with Cheryl. I put up backing paper for the bulletin boards, put up borders, wrote the student's names on their books, etc. I have such a curiosity of what each child will look like and be like based on just the 20 or so letters of their names. Tomorrow I'll get to find out! Open house is from 10-1...(i think) and hopefully i'll look something like this...^^^^^

ctinasays - i feel like a real person!

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