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BLOG REVAMP! I am moving to Arizona and starting a new job as a 5th grade teacher in Phoenix with 65% ELL, 95% Hispanic population, and almost 100% living below the poverty line. I hope all are still interested in hearing my wonderings as I begin my career in my own classroom.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is art? My 3rd graders share.

"Art is a patient message. Art is mixed emotions."-MM
"Art is a peace of color and picture it is also beautiful it also
  takes time that is how its beautiful and crafty."-AA

"Art is neat because people opin up art museums so people can see neat pichers that people make." -RL
"Art is something that you can make by yourself of with other people. Art can also be music with other people or by yourself." -AH

"Art is to have lots of patience. And lots of work!" -HM
"Colerfull and it helps you learn. It is fun and relaxing." LL

"Is to draw something creative and they are all amazing with pictures." -AS
"Art is a picture or a painting. Art is a talant you can do. Art is a specle thing you can do." -JB

"Art is spontanies, pashonit. Also art makes you think!!! It's very cool!!!" -AS
"Art is crafty. Art is hard. Art is fun. Art is time to work hard." -TS

"A picture made of paint, crayons, pencils, markers or colored pencils. A mixture of colors to make something or a random mixture." -GP
"The point of art is that someone is trying to tell you something. Or art could show your passion." EC

"I think art is a masterpeace of color, uneek pictures, and freedom." -LR
"Art is about haveing fun feeling good and bring your pictuer out of your mind. Being fun too. -AS

"Art is colorful, crazy, fun, amazing." - CT
"You have to have pationts when you are doing art. Art is when someone makes a picture or build anything in the world pretty much." - GC

"It is a fun this you can do and it's a picture with point and people like to look at your creation!!" -AW
"Art is a messy thing that is some times crazy." -AF

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